Board Member Success Tools

board member success toolsIf you follow many of the major business news sites, you’ll find a lot of advice about what makes a board of directors truly successful. Some argue that it’s a commitment to diversity, and others insist that you need to have outstanding leadership. Some writers advocate that you need to find members who have all the right qualities. We agree with all of these articles, but we also believe that companies and organizations have an obligation to give their board members the right tools to succeed, and board of directors software definitely fits that bill.

Board members tend to be busy individuals. They may be C-level executives from other companies or business owners themselves. Whatever their backgrounds might be, board members’ time is a precious commodity. And what better way to make use of it than to streamline all of their communications for their roles on your board of directors? Board management software simplifies the way that organizations share information with their boards while also encouraging collaboration among members.

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The Value of Simple Board Meeting Software

simple board meeting software

The Internet is chock-full of articles about simplifying your life. You’ll find essays about how de-cluttering your desk helps “de-clutter” your mind. You’ll read pitches for minimalistic approaches to everything: home design, graphic design, software design, and more. And you’re bound to come across a list (or twenty) of steps you can take to streamline your day in order to buy more time.

The people writing these articles must be on to something, right? It makes sense that simplifying your life would lead to less stress and more time for you to live in the moment. So how does that roll over into your business practices? And more specifically, how can you live more simply as an executive who serves on a board of directors?

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Directorpoint Feature Spotlight: Historical Information

historical software feature

Research suggests that outstanding leaders allocate time for reflection. As organizational leaders, it is important for board members to reflect on organizational progress, to revisit successes, and to learn from mistakes. Proper reflection requires reviewing historical records and comparing expectations with outcomes. For instance: did we hire the right executive and compensate them appropriately, did we achieve the strategic objectives, and did we implement the right policies and controls?

Boards relying on binders and PDFs hinder reflection by making it more challenging for board members to reference historical information. For example, if a board member is interested in reviewing previous meeting minutes or analyzing year-over-year comparisons, they will often need to contact the board secretary and request a copy of the materials. The additional steps and time required to acquire historical information inhibit all but the most determined board members. That’s where one of Directorpoint’s most valuable features comes in: anytime access to historical events and information.

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Directorpoint Users Share Their Experience

Directorpoint user experienceAlthough our astonishing company growth and 99% client retention rate are the envy of the board portal industry, we’re most proud of our world class customer service and satisfaction that comes with the Directorpoint user experience.

Being headquartered in the heart of the South, hard work and hospitality are in our DNA. And as avid college football fans living in the state of Alabama, we can’t help but borrow a play straight from famed head football coach, Nick Saban’s playbook. Just as Coach Saban trains players to forget about the game and to focus on winning each individual play, we at Directorpoint treat each customer as though they are our only customer. We view each individual customer interaction as an opportunity to provide a uniquely positive experience. Because delighting our customers is a priority, we have built remarkably strong and mutually-beneficial client relationships. How do we know our approach works? Because we ask our customers for feedback every single day. In fact, we wanted to share some of the recent feedback we’ve received!


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Getting Your Board “On Board”

Modern people doing business, graphs and charts being demonstrated on the screen of a touchpad

Boards of directors tend to be mature groups of leaders. With age, comes wisdom, after all! In fact, according to the executive search firm Spencer Stuart, average board member age has increased from 60 in 1998 to 63.1 in 2015. That means that right now in America, boards are largely populated by individuals born into the “baby boomer” generation. While the boomers are known for their tenacious work ethic and willingness to adapt, they were also raised in a less tech heavy era, which has lead to doubts about their capacity to keep pace with technological advances. The truth, however, is that the vast majority of boomers embrace technology as eagerly as their younger counterparts.

Here at Directorpoint, we’re big believers in the boomers—both in their ability to engage with new technology and also in their dedication to evolving for the betterment of their organizations. And that sort of positive transformation is exactly what we think our software offers to the modern day boardroom.

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Announcing: Directorpoint iOS iPad App Updates

*January 26, 2015*

You’ve read about our recent website upgrades, but today we’re excited to share our latest iOS iPad app updates! We’re working tirelessly to improve every client’s experience using Directorpoint on his/her iPad. Our board portal software is better than ever!

                                                                                                                                                                     Click images to enlarge. magnifying-glass-search-icon-psd-image-2365search-icon-512
1. Calendar Viewcalendarview

The iPad app now features a calendar view of your events. After logging into the app, by default, a list of your upcoming events will appear. To switch over to the calendar view, tap on “Calendar” at the top of the events view. To view a specific event, tap on the event, then tap view/download.





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Announcing: Directorpoint Website Updates

*January 22. 2016*

At Directorpoint, we’re doing our best to make sure that we’re providing the most intuitive and useful board portal software you can find. For that reason, we periodically make changes or additions to ensure that we’re giving our users the finest experience possible. Over the last few months, we’ve been working on our website as well as our iOS iPad app. For today’s blog post, we’ll be focusing on the recent updates to the website, but check back soon for a similar post about our current app!

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The Benefits of a Digital Board Packet

DevicesIn our last blog, we discussed how Directorpoint helps your organization avoid printing out hundreds of pages of documents by creating a live, digital board packet. But how exactly will your meetings and meeting prep benefit from that newly formed, online packet?

  1. The board packet doesn’t have to be uploaded as a single document.

One of the difficulties of creating a board packet is that its sections often come from various members of an organization. Because of that, it can be a long and tedious process to organize those sections into a single document. With Directorpoint, you can add documents piece by piece while associating each document with a particular agenda item. As you upload documents to the software, they are automatically converted into pdf format and are merged into the board packet as a whole. You can also adjust where it appears in the packet simply by rearranging the agenda.

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Avoiding the Board Book Headache

dreamstime_xs_40588886 If you’ve ever served on a board of directors, chances are good that you have a lot of experience reading and interacting with board books, which are also known as board packets. They have long existed as the centerpiece of a board of directors meeting. Typically, these books contain all of the information that board members will need for the meeting at hand, which usually translates to printing an excessive amount of documents—a practice that is continually growing out of date for these reasons and more:

  1. It’s not environmentally friendly or cost effective.

For most large-sized organizations, printing board books means spending thousands of dollars on printing supplies and reams of paper.
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5 Benefits of Board Management Software

Binders and emails simply do not address the communication requirements of modern, progressive, boards.  In a move to improve board communications, increase board member engagement, and streamline board administration, all types and sizes of organizations are adopting board management software.

board management software

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