Characteristics of the Best Board Members

By Brent Peinhardt

Last week we talked about how to have the most engaged board members. But before you can engage your members, you need to find them, and we all want the absolute best board members out there. What qualities make up the “best board member”?
They are:

  • Engaged
  • Competent/experienced
  • Passionate
  • Deeply knowledgeable in industry(ies) or subject matter(s)
  • Excellent communicators
  • Objective/independent
  • Tactful/empathetic

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How to Better Engage Your Board

By Stan Graves

If you are a business owner who has taken the steps to engage an advisory board, it’s a safe bet that you have invited them to help you because you believe they bring valuable skills and information to your business.

This means you are probably paying them to be on your board, and it’s a waste of your money and everyone’s time to not take advantage of the skill sets you have recruited. This is why engaging your board is so important.

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