Announcing: Directorpoint iOS iPad App Updates

*January 26, 2015*

You’ve read about our recent website upgrades, but today we’re excited to share our latest iOS iPad app updates! We’re working tirelessly to improve every client’s experience using Directorpoint on his/her iPad. Our board portal software is better than ever!

                                                                                                                                                                     Click images to enlarge. magnifying-glass-search-icon-psd-image-2365search-icon-512
1. Calendar Viewcalendarview

The iPad app now features a calendar view of your events. After logging into the app, by default, a list of your upcoming events will appear. To switch over to the calendar view, tap on “Calendar” at the top of the events view. To view a specific event, tap on the event, then tap view/download.





2. View Notes List on Files viewnotes2

We have added the “View Notes” list on the files view. After taking an annotation, the View Notes button will automatically appear. This list will show users a detailed list of all the annotations they have taken on the document. They may delete specific notes and, if enabled by the admin, can also email the annotations.




3. LinksLinksviews

Hyperlinks to external sites are now viewable in the iPad app. Tap on “Links” at the top of the app to open up the list of sites. Tap on the hyperlink’s title to view the link. To go back to the list, tap on “Return” in the top left corner.





4. Vote AttachmentsVoteAttachments2

Users may now open up vote attachments on the iPad app. Attachments show up under the vote and can be viewed by tapping on the file name. To go back to the vote list, tap “Back” in the top left corner. 






5. Surveys


Surveys and their attachments have been added to the iPad app. Tap on “Surveys” at the top of the app to see a list of outstanding surveys. Tap on the appropriate survey that you wish to submit. Any files associated with a survey will be listed under the survey and can be viewed by tapping on the title of the file. You may go back to the survey list by tapping “Back.”

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