Directorpoint Reviews: Our Users Share Their Experience

Directorpoint user experienceAlthough our accelerating company growth and 99% client retention rate rank us among the best in the board portal industry, we’re most proud of our world class customer service.

Being headquartered in the heart of the South, hard work and hospitality are in our DNA. And as avid college football fans living in the state of Alabama, we can’t help but borrow a play straight from famed head football coach, Nick Saban’s playbook.

Just as Coach Saban trains players to focus on winning each individual play, we at Directorpoint treat each customer as though they are our only customer.

We view each individual customer interaction as an opportunity to provide a uniquely positive experience. Because delighting our customers is a priority, we have built remarkably strong and mutually-beneficial client relationships.

How do we know our approach works? Because we ask our customers for feedback every single day.

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Read on for some firsthand reviews of our service from our clients.

Directorpoint Reviews and Testimonials

DirectorPoint has changed the way our staff prepares for board meetings.
It has made it much easier 
to post the board materials quickly and efficiently
as opposed to our old hard copy method. And it is 
so much easier when there
are unexpected changes or errors that can be fixed on the fly.


The system is robust and has a lot of relevant features, yet it’s
easy to use. Plus, Directorpoint has a great service team.

Directorpoint is a great product at a great price. John and all of the staff

go above and beyond, resulting in an excellent customer service experience.

This software makes prep for board meetings much more efficient.
Really glad we started using it at my organization.

I c
an easily load board materials at the last minute. No more rushing last minute to

make hard copies for everyone. Also, documents from prior meetings are easily accessible.

Unbelievable customer service. And the product is so great
that I don’t need customer service!

Directorpoint gets rid of paper board books, improves confidentiality,
and keeps past books handy for future reference without clutter.


Directorpoint has served our company very well. It’s easy for everyone to use.
Our board chairman specifically commented on how nice the system is for keeping
track of documents, and now he doesn’t have to keep paper copies of everything. 

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