Getting Your Board “On Board”

Boards of directors tend to be mature groups of leaders. With age, comes wisdom, after all! In fact, according to the executive search firm Spencer Stuart, average board member age has increased from 60 in 1998 to 63.1 in 2015. That means that right now in America, boards are largely populated by individuals born into the “baby boomer” generation.
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While the boomers are known for their tenacious work ethic and willingness to adapt, they were also raised in a less tech heavy era, which has lead to doubts about their capacity to keep pace with technological advances, especially when it comes to the board of directors.

The truth, however, is that the vast majority of boomers embrace technology as eagerly as their younger counterparts.

Here at Directorpoint, we’re big believers in the boomers—both in their ability to engage with new technology and also in their dedication to evolving for the betterment of their organizations. And that sort of positive transformation is exactly what we think our software offers to the modern day boardroom.

In the words of our Vice President of Sales, Ellen Glasgow, “When onboarding new clients and we want them to genuinely love using Directorpoint and working with the Directorpoint team. We strive for a perfectly seamless implementation that showcases the many advantages of our board portal software over traditional practices.

By transitioning hundreds of new clients annually, we have identified several best practices for ensuring board members are fully prepared and excited to get ‘on board’ with their new capabilities via Directorpoint.”

Here’s our step-by-step guide to managing your transition to board management software:

Get them involved in the process early

The earlier you start talking to your board about implementing new software, the sooner you can start addressing any of their concerns. Not to mention, early involvement is more likely to encourage more personal investment from members.

Show them the value

Before deciding to move forward with director meeting software, describe how it will bring positive change to your organization. Feel free to reference our board focused blogs about cost savings or how you can “avoid the board book headache.” The boomers, like most people, want to know why: Why should we change the way we’re doing things now, and how will it benefit us in the future?

Take the time for training

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a simple training session can go a long way. We’re confident in the user-friendly and intuitive nature of Directorpoint, but our trainers are exceptional at garnering board member enthusiasm by expertly answering common questions and by showcasing the most exciting ways to use the software.

Do a side-by-side comparison

Rather than going cold turkey on your printed board packets, transition by using both the old paper method and the new software side-by-side in one or two meetings. According to Ellen, “Having both options in front of board members will allow them to instantly recognize the countless benefits of Directorpoint.

Paper immediately feels obsolete when board members are doing things like referencing past meeting materials and policies, searching for text, capturing and sharing annotations, participating in private discussions, and much more. Members will quickly see just how easy it is to navigate their new digital board packet; a great deal of buy in can be won through this simple exercise.”

In fact, Directorpoint has a greater than 99% renewal rate among clients that use Directorpoint in at least one meeting.

Ask for feedback

Now that your board is up and running on Directorpoint, ask them about it. Find out what features are their favorites and see if you can utilize those further. If they need clarifications, see if you or a Directorpoint representative can provide them.

Lean on us

Directorpoint staff are available to you and your organization 24/7, so don’t be afraid to reach out for support. We want to ensure that your board of directors is getting the most out of their experience with our software. A happy board is a more engaged and productive company, and that’s exactly what we want to help you achieve!

Are you ready to help your board of directors meetings become more efficient and dynamic? Schedule a demo with us today! We know that you’ll love what Directorpoint can do to strengthen your organization.

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