The Paperless Boardroom: Less Is More

Large companies have been going paperless for years now, and there are countless reasons why it’s a major trend. Even though the benefits are plentiful, many boards of directors haven’t followed suit.
Confident accountant doing financial reports being surrounded by business partners with huge piles of documents

They have remained firmly tied to old ways of printed board packets either out of habit, fear of change, or both.

At Directorpoint, we’re big believers in the paperless boardroom for many reasons—some of which are similar to why companies are headed that direction in general.

In addition to the fact, that it’s just plain good for our environment, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why creating a paperless boardroom can bring your board better results overall.

Going paperless saves time

Board members are some of the busiest people in the business world. Typically, their time is limited and therefore, highly valuable. Using a system like Directorpoint that eliminates the need for paper saves time prepping for meetings as well as time used during meetings. Board software “keeps everyone on the same page” without actually involving any pages!

Going paperless saves money

Not long ago, our VP of sales wrote a whole blog entry on this topic. We encourage you to check it out as she estimated that companies could save upwards of $10,000 a year on both printing costs and administrative prep costs—and that’s just on board-related expenses! When it comes to the bottom line, going paperless just makes sense.

Going paperless saves information

Compliance for historical document management has become increasingly important to boards over the past decade. Investing in secure board software helps companies save private information safely without the worry of loose papers getting lost in the shuffle.

In fact, using Directorpoint’s individual board settings, companies can choose to share files in read-only format in order to protect documents from being printed and distributed. Additionally, Directorpoint acts as a wonderful way to store and maintain historical information for easy access.

As technological advances continue to move at lightning speed, Directorpoint is doing everything we can to help boards of directors keeps up with the changing times while making the most of the benefits that these innovations present.

We would love to take the time to tell you more about how our board management software can revolutionize your board meetings and board operations. Schedule a demo with us today!

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