A bank board member using board software over enterprise communication apps.

Board Software vs. Communication Apps for Bank Boards

Board software gives bank boards the ability to fully operate, deliberate, and vote from anywhere in the world. Board members are busy. A well-designed board portal creates a fully digital deliberative experience. Common board portal features include instant messaging, file sharing, scheduling, and polling. At face value, these features might leave you thinking “why don’t we just use a messaging app?”. Let’s talk about it.

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Board Software Communication Vs. Emailing Board Documents

These days, most boards are making the choice to go paperless. While some opt for centralized communication through the use of board software, others have simply stuck to email for their needs.

In fact, according to a 2014 Thomson-Reuters study, approximately 43% of boards were still emailing their sensitive board documents.

While email prevents added costs to board operations, it also poses many potential downfalls and risks.

Email isn’t secure.

You’ve seen the headlines. Email hacks are a dime a dozen these days. Not long ago, we wrote a blog about the infamous Salesforce leak, which originated with an email from Colin Powell.

Because they sent their board documents via email, their hypothetical plans for 14 different company acquisitions became public knowledge.

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