White Paper: Board Software - The Ultimate Admin Tool

Download this white paper to learn more about how board software can transform administrative processes for your board.

In this white paper, we discuss how board software can help admins avoid “the board book headache” of printing and reprinting as well as how it helps reduce costs overall. Additionally, we investigate how board software can make remote meetings more accessible and effective. And finally, we talk about how you can help board members “get on board” with utilizing board software and thriving on its benefits.


White Paper: Evaluating Board Software for Your Organization

Download this white paper to learn more about how board software can benefit your organization.

In this white paper, we discuss why board software exists, how it can help organizations, and what you should ask when you're evaluating board software for your company.


White Paper: Board Member Duties 101

Reviewing the eight basic functions of board duties and the expanding role of its membership.

In order for a board to achieve success, each member must understand and embrace their indispensable role in corporate governance. In this easy-to-read refresher, we explore the various board member duties and how they impact the development of the organization served.


White Paper: Boardroom Parliamentary Procedure

Download this white paper to gain a better understanding of the rules of boardroom parliamentary procedure.

What are main motions? Which motions take precedent over others? What is the role of the Board Chair? How should you take meeting minutes? In this white paper, we'll answers these questions and more.


White Paper: Audit Responsibilities

Download this white paper to learn about how boardroom fiduciary duties impact audit responsibilities for board members.

You’ll learn more about chief audit executives, external audits, what do to after an audit, and how to handle worst-case financial scenarios.


White Paper: Navigating Personnel Issues in the Boardroom

Download this white paper to learn about boards can deal with unexpected personnel challenges. 

You’ll learn more about reviving a board, dealing with unprepared members, and removing a director.